Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Amanda's Berry Delightful Trifle

simple,quick,easy dessert, can be made a day ahead of time, no worries,.
What you need:
1x pkt aeroplane jelly of your choice
1x pkt of frozen mixed berries
1x Greens pkt lemon cake
2 x tablespoons ricotta cheese
pineapple juice, or orange juice or sweet sherry (I just used the juice from a tin of pineapple slices)
1 tub of coles double thick vanilla custard
What to do:
well it is pretty obvious but yeah make up the jelly and let set overnight
Make the packet cake as per directions (minus the icing). Now I only drink skim milk this packet cake called for 2/3 milk  but I used only 1/3 and added 2 tablespoons of ricotta cheese, let cake cool ,
get some pretty glasses or jars and assemble your trifle
put a layer of cake and spoon the juice over it ,( not so it is soggy though)
put a layer of jelly
then a layer of frozen berries
and top it off with the custard these were pretty yum
Amanda's Berry Delightful Trifle

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