Friday, 18 July 2014

Amanda's Stuffed Capsicums

What you need:
6 Small Capsicums or 4 Large Capsicums
1/2kg Beef and Pork mince 250g of each (a good handful of each)
3 cups of Cooked Rice there about's ( JUST COOKED)
1 Onion Diced Fine
1 small Carrot Diced Fine
1/2 cup of frozen spinach, thawed and the water squeezed out
4 tablespoons of good parmesan cheese
Fresh Oregano to taste  ( I use a small handful)
Italian Parsley Chopped ( I use a small handful)
Garlic to taste (I use 2 good cloves)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Freshly Cracked Black Pepper to taste
Salt to taste ( I use ground rock salt)
tablespoon of sugar
Fresh chopped basil, a couple tablespoons
Small red Chilli chopped finely seeds also  (optional) (I like it though it gives the capsicums some oomph)
4 cups Tomato Sauce = (tomato passata, salt, pepper, fresh chopped basil), you can buy this in bottles at the store, just add the fresh basil to it  (I like extra basil in mine)

What to do:
 1.Slice the cap with the stalk off your capsicums and remove all seeds and white pith inside the capsicums. place in a baking dish, drizzle with a little olive oil and bake on 185 fan forced medium heat, while you make the mixture
2.Cook your diced onion, and diced carrot, minced garlic and chilli ( if added) in a little olive oil until it is all cooked, coloured and tasty.
3.Remove from heat, and put in a big bowl, add the minced meat, cooked rice, spinach, parmesan cheese, oregano, Italian parsley, salt and pepper to taste and mix, gently but well.
4.Remove capsicums from oven, fill the capsicums with your mix. Bake at approximately 185 degrees fan forced  for about 35 mins without the lid hat.
5.Mix the sugar with the tomato passata sauce and fresh chopped basil, then pour the tomato sauce over the capsicum. It will flow over the stuffing and down the sides, put the capsicum lid on and roast for 30 to 60 minutes until cooked through and capsicums are tender and cooked.
NOTES: I never cook rice without Turmeric (I can't afford saffron), so even for this recipe I added a good couple teaspoons of turmeric to the rice while cooking. I am a big believer in natural herbs and spices to help relieve the symptoms of certain ailments so, whenever I can I add herbs and spices to my food I do.
Amanada's Stuffed Capsicum's

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