Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Corn & Ricotta fritters

One of my own recipes, usually when I want to cook anything I browse a few versions then come up with my own.
What you need:
 A good non stick pan ( you could probably even use a wok and give these a bit of a deep fry as well)
2 eggs whisked
1 cup of self raising flour
1x small tub of ricotta cheese
1x red capsicum very finely chopped
2 good cups of finely chopped shallots
Corn kernels,I used about 4 cups of frozen ones cooked and cooled
Herbs of your choice, I used fresh squeeze oregano
Salt pepper
To Do:
whisk the eggs ,ricotta, salt pepper and herbs in a large bowl, whisk in flour, I added a splash of milk just to thin the batter a tad, add the rest of the ingredients, you should have a thick mixture ( not runny).... Heat the pan and place spoonfuls into it, when they bubble, flip them over, sorta like making pancakes... serve with a nice hot chilli sauce or salsa.

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