Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spinach,Ricotta Sausage roll

One thing I hate working with is pastry, I am just bloody hopeless with it, all fingers and thumbs, If I can slap a sheet on top of or underneath I am fine, but doing little fancy triangles and stuff just ain't my thing. Whatever I make usually tastes good, but sometimes it doesn't look crash hot. Hey ! at least I admit it, right. !. Well this is one of those pastry things. I really love this with a crispy salad and some lemon juice. ( don't worry I am addicted to lemon juice, I have it on just about everything). so you just go ahead and eat it how you like it so here we go .

What you need:

3 sheets of puff pastry ,thawed
about 200gs of fresh grated parmesan cheese
500gs of ricotta cheese
1/4 cup of bread crumbs, (packet ones are fine)
3 eggs, (1 is for the egg wash)
3 shallots, chopped finely
A handful of parsley, chopped finely
2 teaspoons of dill, I used dried
1 packet of frozen spinach, thawed and the water squeezed out
ground pepper
A squeeze of lemon juice

What to do:

1. In  bowl mix 2 eggs and all the other ingredients together.
2.brush around the edges or the pastry sheet with egg wash ( which is just the egg and a little water whisked together)
3. Place about two big spoonfuls of the mixture along one side of the pastry ,fold up the outer edges and roll, baste with egg wash.
4. Line the baking tray with baking paper and spray lightly, bake in a fan forced over 220  until golden brown I turn mine over when the top is cooked then cook the bottom till golden.
That is it, slice and serve with a nice crispy salad, great hot or cold .
Spinach,Ricotta Sausage roll

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