Friday, 29 August 2014

Easy Peach and Custard Cake

Here is an easy cake to make for morning teas when friends are popping over. This isn't my recipe.  Me and the girls have a little foodie group on facebook and my friend found and posted it, today we both had a go at it, my friend Michelle used a smaller tin than me and threw in an egg as well plus she made her own custard and I used store bought double thick custard, all in all comparing our pics they basically turned out the same.

I small tin sliced peaches (drained but keep 2tbls of juice)
1 vanilla cake mix
1 cup ready made custard

Line a round cake tin with baking paper
Layer drained peaches over the bottom of cake tin
Combine custard, cake mix and saved peach juice.
Cook at 180 C for 40 mins or when cake is cooked.
press on top of cake and if it springs back it is cooked.

Easy Peach and Custard Cake

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