Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lemon & Lime Curd Muffins

For the Muffins

200g (1 1/2 cup) self raising flour
100g caster sugar (1/2 cup)
1 large free range egg
3 fluid ounces sunflower oil (generous 1/3 cup)
5 fluid ounces of milk (generous 1/2 cup)
1/2 tsp vanilla
lemon and lime curd

 Make the Lemon & Lime Curd

3 eggs
175g caster sugar (1 cup)
2 tsp. cornflour
2 lemons, juiced
2 limes, juice and zest
20g butter 

Whisk eggs, sugar and cornflour. Add citrus.  
Progressively whisk over a moderate heat for 5-8 minutes until it has thickened.  
Add butter at end.  
Pour into sterilized jars, seal and place in the fridge.
Keeps up to 3 months

For the topping:

couple TBS lightly toasted coconut
lemon & lime curd

 Preheat the oven to 185 fan forced, Line  muffin tin with with paper liners. Set aside.

Sift the flour into a bowl and whisk in the sugar. Beat the egg, sunflower oil, milk and vanilla together in a bowl. Pour this mixture into the dry ingredients all at once. Stir gently together with a spatula, just until combined. Spoon a heaped dessertspoon full of the batter into each of the prepared muffin cups. Top each with 1 teaspoon of lemon curd. Top with the rest of the muffin mixture.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until well risen, firm to the touch, and lightly browned. Remove from the oven. Brush the tops of the hot muffins with some more lemon curd and sprinkle with some toasted coconut.
Lemon & Lime Curd Muffins

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