Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tiramisu (Mickymisu)

 If you love Tiramisu, then here is a simple dessert you will love, although it isn't one for the kiddies. The recipe is my friend Mick's and he makes this all the time for me. You can use any sort of cookies for this, we have even used  Anzac biscuits or chocolate chip cookies as long as it is a harder type of cookie plain or chocolate will do. Shortbread or cream filled biscuits are not recommended for this though

What you need:

2 packets of chocolate ripple cookies
1 cup of port
300ml of whipped thickened cream,  you want the cream as thick as you can get it without turning it to butter ( I don't add any sugar to it )
Strawberry Jam ( any dark jam will do, blackberry, raspberry or similar)
Drinking chocolate
chocolate sprinkles optional

What to do:

1. Dip a cookie in the cup of port ( Don't Soak) then spread one side of the cookie with jam and stand it up in a container.
2. Repeat with remaining cookies to make a log. I usually do two rows.
3.cover the logs with the cream
4. Sift the drinking chocolate over the cream and sprinkle with the chocolate sprinkles if desired
5. Sit in the fridge for a few hours before serving this gives the port time to soak through the cookies.
Tiramisu (Mickymisu)

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