Friday, 13 May 2016

Peach Frozen Dessert

 I love ice-cream or anything creamy and yum, but the sugar content in most desserts scares me, nice for a treat but I want something yum everyday or when I feel like it and if I ate what I wanted to I would be the size of a house in a week. being in my 50's diabetes is also a threat. I find it very disturbing the amount of hidden sugar in our foods today but there is no need to deprive ourselves of the yummy delights that we love to eat,  and the kids will love this also I am sure. I can't really say it is Ice Cream, I can't call it a sorbet,  maybe a sort of semifreddo but without the eggs and gallons of sugar,. Frozen Dessert ? yeah !  it is quick to whip up and you won't feel so guilty going back for a wee second bowl  I haven't tried it with any other fruit yet. I Also do not have a food processor that is why I used tin fruits it was easy to whip up with my blending stick  But if you have a processor go for it and use fresh fruit.. This frozen dessert is light and refreshing.

 Happy guilt free sweet treat. cheers ! 

What you need:

1 x large tin of peaches, drained well 
1 heaped tablespoon honey 
1/4 cup Coconut milk unsweetened  (or vanilla almond milk) 
1/2 cup of thickened cream 
3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk 
2 teaspoons lemon zest

What to do:

1. Puree the peaches
2. Add the honey, cream, condensed milk, coconut milk and lemon zest to the processor as well then blend until smooth. (or whip with a blending stick)
3. Pour the mixture to a freezer safe container. Seal the container and place in the freezer.
4. Leave to freeze for 6-8hours for best result. serve and enjoy!
Peach Frozen Dessert

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