Monday, 25 July 2016

Freckle Cups and Icecream with milo

 Someone in out foodie group posted this so I thought I would share here as well ,Ok so these looked pretty easy to do !. I thought they would be a fun dessert and so I gave them a try. Don't fool yourself into thinking they are a snap though, I think they will take a bit of practice. I had trouble getting the balloon out so next time I will use a bit of spray oil on the balloon before I dunk it in the chocolate. Another thing, don't skimp on the chocolate,  I did and found it hard to get an even edge better to have more than less and any left over you can just poor onto a piece of baking paper and cover with the left over sprinkles and make a big freckle.. I really loved freckles as a kid but the ones they make today taste terrible . and are made with cheap chocolate made with palm oil and they actually make me sick . and besides I won't buy anything made with palm oil in it I have boycotted palm oil products ... Anyhow I used a real good Belgium dark chocolate for my cups and hundreds of thousands  and because I wasn't sure they would turn out I didn't get any cherries etc to make these look spectacular. I just sprinkled the Ice cream with Milo .. The video makes it look easy haha. so give these a go the whole family will love them for sure . my first attempt pics are under the video.
 And here is mine now don't be laughing !

freckle cups

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  1. Those look awesome! I don't think we have what you call 'freckles' here in the states though. We have sprinkles.