Thursday, 15 September 2016

Prune Balls

So at 53 it was time to go for a yearly check up at the quacks. The news wasn't great I was told my sugar levels are up...borderline diabetes to be exact with a blood sugar level of 5.8, this is despite the amount of walking I do at the beach, he isn't sure why they are up,  is it just my eating or whether it is hereditary. I am also borderline obese but I am only 80kg.. what do I mean ONLY hell I was 45 kgs 5 years ago. what the hell happened.. I will tell you. I started drinking alcohol and eating whatever I wanted to when I wanted I didn't just sit in front of the TV and pig out but if I wanted cheesecake I had it.  and exercise has become hard due to some quite bad injuries I have in my neck and back
See I had been a gym junkie most of my life I never drank alcohol I was obsessed with exercise when I wasn't exercising I was playing sport or mowing lawns  I never sat still. I never ate bread ( which I do now), and I wouldn't have dared to put a cake in my mouth except maybe once in a blue moon if I went out for dinner, I never drank soda drinks or lollies or in other words CRAP.
So as you can see my life style has changed significantly over the recent years.. A WAKE UP CALL. I am pretty disgusted with myself really  for just letting it happen NOW though it is time to kick my sorry arse back into shape... Doc says I can't eat bread  I can live with that... and NO potatoes..WHAT NOOO I love my potatoes. and certainly no cheesecakes...He advised me to follow a diabetic diet. I hate the word DIET it is bullshit EATING HEALTHY that is all you have to do, eat regular and frequently . with a few adjustments like cut out all sugar as well. When I had my gallbladder out at 40 I ate 10 small handful size meals a day and stayed at 45kg..
SO... for the past week I have been eating salads, and I am craving sweets. You didn't think I was really going to go without my sweet treats did you??? Well hell no !. but they will be a tad more healthier from now on so this is today's treat.

Prune and weet-bix Balls

This is the basic recipe, I would of added some crushed nuts to this but didn't have any and the recipe did call for some caster sugar 6 tablespoons) but I left it out completely

What you need:

250 grams of pitted prunes
1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil
4 weet-bix
about 1/2 cup of hot water
Shredded coconut to roll the balls in

What to do:

1. Simply place the prunes, weet-bix, coconut oil,  ( and sugar if your adding it) into a food processor  adding a little water at a time until you have a smooth paste, ( add your crushed nuts now if you want)
2. with wet hands roll into balls and roll in coconut, refrigerate until firm . and bingo that's it.
No added sugar , low GI... just don't eat them all at once Amanda ! haha
Prune Balls

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